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You may be asking “What are Do’s and Don’ts to fill the top of my funnel with low-cost great quality leads?”. Facebook is an audience based platform, it means that if you are scrolling on Facebook’s feed and an advertisement pops up, you don’t have control as a user about how it got there. It just got there because Facebook and it’s infinite wisdom decided that it should be there algorithmically. Facebook is typically considered a low intent lead and it is for the reason that it is audience based.

Between writing an ad’s headline, creating its image and developing its content, it’s easy to fall victim to some pretty common Facebook Advertising mistakes.

Here is our list of Facebook Advertising malpractices to perfect your Facebook ads!

Do’s :

+ Include a clear call-to-action:

Using a clear call-to-action tells your audience the purpose of your message and makes them much more likely to take action.

+ Choose an image that stands out, but represents your brand:

In newsfeeds full of images and advertisements, it can be difficult to catch the attention of your audience, especially when your ad image must also be reflective of your brand.  Select images that are eye-catching and find ways to incorporate your brand through colors, including your product or cleverly integrating your logo.

+ Use an ad message that will resonate with your audience:

The concept and message of your ad should be developed with your target audience in mind.  Even if users notice your ad, they likely won’t take action and click on it unless they find it relatable and interesting.

+ Keep it consistent and simple:

In the few seconds that you have to catch the attention of Facebook users, it is crucial that your ad does not confuse or overwhelm them.  To avoide this from happening, keep your ad simple. Each ad’s headline and message should be consistent, paired with an image that is relevant.

Don’ts :

- Don’t confuse viewers with too much information or complex concepts:

While a creative concept may work for other advertising outlets, it is important that a Facebook ad’s message and call-to-action be easy for a viewer to comprehend within seconds.  Additionally, the headline should include the business’s name, state what is being offered, or at least be of relevance to the product/service.

- Don’t forget to proofread all ads:

This may seem like an obvious mistake to look out for, but it is actually one of the most common mistakes made.  It is crucial that an ad be reviewed before publication at least twice to avoid posting ads with typos, grammatical errors or other mistakes.

- Don’t use just any ad image:

Your ad’s image should be clear, focused and high quality. It is arguably the most important part of your ad, as it provides the greatest opportunity for your business to grab the attention of its target audience.

- Don’t use an ad image that is more than 20% text:

When it comes to choosing your ad’s image, be sure to select one that is high quality and focused, clean and simple and not more than 20% text.

Don’t hesitate to tell us in the comments below what is the big mistake you have done in Facebook Marketing !

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