May 23, 2019 2 min read


While e-commerce can be a highly profitable venture, it does come with its own set of challenges. Here are some key issues that you need to overcome to run a successful online retail business!




Online Identity Verification :

  • It is important to verify the identity of your customers.
  • When they choose to pay for your products via COD, there are chances that they may give fake contact details.

Solution :

  • Appropriate identity verification measures should be taken.
  • For example, customers can be sent an SMS or an e-mail to confirm their purchase.
  • An automated call also would do the trick.



Competitor Analysis :

  • Many online retailers want to offer better services and products to their customers.
  • With so many people offering more or less the same, it will be difficult to outmatch your competitors.

Solution :

  • Instead of trying to provide better services and products, offer something different which your competitors are not doing.



Shopping Cart Abandonment:

  • Due to lengthy checkout processes and slow loading of web pages, many customers tend to abandon carts even after they have selected the items they want to purchase.

Solution :

  • Keep the number of steps required to checkout to a minimum and optimize your web pages to improve load speed.



Product Return and Refund:

  • Customers are concerned about the return and refund policies your e-store has.
  • If you have not established any, they may refrain from purchasing.

Solution :

  • Be clear and transparent with your return policies.
  • Educate your staff well so that that they can effectively assist customers with their returns.


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